Club Day Guidelines

These guidelines have been established to help us be a good witness to our host church/facility as well as to one another.  Our group is one that adheres to God’s Word as supreme authority and thus requires us to live our lives at a higher standard, set apart from the world.  We ask that you read over these guidelines carefully and discuss them in detail with your children.  If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Club Day Coordinator or a SAFE Board member.

By signing your children up for Club Day activities, you are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines.  Please do not take offense if a SAFE Board member speaks to you about you or your child disregarding these guidelines.  If you have any general questions about Club Day, contact the Club Day Coordinator, and if you have any questions about a specific class, contact the instructor of that class.  Thank you.

  1. Younger children up to 10 years of age must be walked to and picked up from their classes by an adult or student aged 13 or older.
  2. Parents must remain on campus for the duration of Club Day for students aged 12 and younger.
  3. During Club Day, should you have to leave campus while your student is in class, it is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to arrange supervision for your younger child(ren) with an adult who will remain on campus, in order to escort your student to/from their class(es). The Club Day Coordinator needs to be made aware of this arrangement in written form (a text or email).  ****NO CHILD SHALL BE LEFT UNATTENDED DURING CLUB DAY.***
  4. All students, aged 13 & older, who are taking consecutive classes, MUST go directly from class to class. If the student is escorting a younger child to their class, please instruct the older to take the younger and then go to their own class.
  5. The GYM area has been designated for LUNCH, STUDY HALL AND CONSIDERED A COMMON AREA. It is expected to keep the noise level to a minimum, so as not to disrupt classes in progress.
  6. If your student has a break in between Club Day classes, the student must remain inside the church/facility building and be in the GYM area or designated study hall area. Wandering around is not permitted and students not in designated areas will be brought to their parents.  (PARENTS BRING EXTRA ACTIVITIES FOR YOUR STUDENT DURING THIS TIME)
  7. The host church/facility’s SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT are off limits during Club Day. No one is to be on the PLATFORM/STAGE OR SURROUNDING AREAS OR ROOMS.  ROOMS THAT ARE LOCKED ARE OFF LIMITS TO SAFE MEMBERS.  This is for member safety as well as being a liability issue. 
  8. There will be no use of host church/facility kitchen, except by adults. The kitchen will be off limits to students except when being used for scheduled Club Day classes.
  9. No one (adult/student) should congregate in or around the church/facility office or in the hallways, as this disrupts church business. We need to be respectful of the business at hand during working hours. 
  10. Do NOT call the church/facility office to get messages to your children or to other adults. Please use cell phones or contact Club Day Coordinator.
  11. Food and drinks are ONLY permitted in DESIGNATED AREAS. (Unless special permissions have been granted by the Club Day Coordinator and/or board.)
  12. SAFE Members must maintain a clean, neat and modest appearance. See Handbook for specific guidelines.
  13. Restrooms must be kept clean and tidy. Pick up after yourself and your children. Children 5 years of age and younger should be escorted to the restroom by a responsible adult.
  14. *** Should you notice restrooms in need of attention and you are unable to take care of it yourself, quickly communicate this with a SAFE Board member and Club Day Coordinator.
  15. There will be a LOST & FOUND box/area set up for misplaced items during Club Day. Items not claimed by end of each semester will be donated, discarded or kept. 
  16. Out of consideration of others, please use earbuds/earphones when listening to music, playing games, listening to instructional videos etc.
  17. Skateboards, Heelies, rollerblades/skates, etc are NOT PERMITTED on campus during Club Day for safety reasons.
  18. No running, horseplay or rough housing will be permitted. Respect yourself and others, as well as the church/facility which has been so graciously loaned to SAFE for our Club Day classes this year. 
  19. Bullying, use of profanity, and disrespecting of persons in any form, whether toward an adult or student, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  20. No inappropriate displays of affection among students, ie: hugging, kissing, holding hands, etc.
  21. No student is allowed to leave with a student that drives without giving the Club-Day Coordinator prior knowledge in written form.