Club Day Schedule

SanctuaryPuppets 6th-12thPuppets 6th-12thDrama 4th-6thClosedShakespeare 7th-12thClosed
Room #11Life Cycles 4-5 yrsDance & Play 3-5yrsClosedClosedSparks & Stars 3yrs - KClosed
Room #12/13ClosedClosed
Room #17/18Math & Science Memory 1st-3rdSports History 5th-8thAmerican History & Geography 1st-3rdClosedSparks & Starts 1st-2ndClosed
Parking LotClosedArchery 6th-8thArchery 9th-12thClosedClosedClosed
Fellowship AreaStudy HallStudy HallStudy HallClosedStudy HallPE & Health 7th-12th
Room #7ClosedReserved for ArcheryReserved for ArcheryClosedClosedClosed
GymSet Up & Study HallStudy HallLunchLunchStudy HallClean Up
Room #101History Through the Ages 3rd-4thHistory Through the Ages 1st-2ndLunchLunchHistory Through the Ages 5th-7thClosed
Room #105ClosedShakespeare & Stuffies 2nd-6thKitten Math 3rd-6thClosedElementary Science K-3rdWK1 - LEGO Club 1st-6th
WK2 - Game Club 3rd-6th
WK3 - Creative Handicrafts 3rd-6th
WK4 - Yearbook Club 8th-12th
Room #106Hands on Science 5th-8thChemistry 6th-8thExploring Creation with Physical Science 8thClosedElementary Science 3rd-5thWaiting Room for Parents
Room #201History's Mysteries 6th-8thEvent Coordinating 9th-12thU.S. History 9th-12thClosedFoundations in Personal Finance 9th-12thClosed
Room #204Ukulele for Beginners 6th-12thMixed Media Art 6th-8thClosedClosedNature Study and Journaling 6th-8thClosed