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Sumter Area Family Educators

Welcome to SAFE! We are a family of learners and educators thriving together in Sumter and surrounding areas. We offer information and support for homeschooling families seeking to enrich their educational journey.

Club Day Classes

Specialized classes held on designated club days that cover a variety of interests, including arts, sciences, and hobbies. These classes encourage exploration and skill development in a collaborative setting.

Field Trips

Educational outings to various locations such as museums, historical sites, and science centers. Field trips offer hands-on learning experiences, complementing the homeschool curriculum with real-world insights and discoveries.

Middle School Socials

Tailored events designed to foster friendships and social skills among middle schoolers. Activities range from themed parties to game nights, providing a fun and safe environment for students to connect and unwind.

SAFE Affiliated (Put together by SAFE parents) not SAFE sponsered.

High School Socials

Exclusive gatherings for high school students to socialize and build networks. These events may include prom, dances, and outings aiming to enhance interpersonal skills and create lasting memories.

SAFE Affiliated (Put together by SAFE parents) not SAFE sponsered.

Yearbook & Journal

A creative project where students compile memories, achievements, and events of the year into a yearbook and an electronic journal. This activity teaches design, writing, and teamwork, preserving the co-op’s memories for years to come.

Presentation Night

An enriching evening where students showcase their knowledge and skills through presentations, skits, or demonstrations. This event fosters public speaking and confidence, allowing students to share their learning milestones with the community.

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